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Looking to source a professional speaker? Bay Communications’ President Susan Baka is considered one of Canada’s top authorities on entrepreneurship and small business, especially for women, and writes and speaks regularly in Canada and internationally on the following topics:

Marketing Topics:

  • Marketing Powerboost on a Shoestring Budget - There are many ways to market products or services beyond traditional advertising, which can be one of the more expensive approaches. Marketing should be a continual effort of communication to both clients and prospects. Establishing a brand and maintaining it will reinforce a business at every turn and with every action. Susan outlines sure-fire strategies to help small businesses market with impact without breaking the bank.

  • How to Hone and Leverage Your Brand - The biggest misconception about branding is that it is simply a logo. In reality, branding is so much more: it is the whole perception of a business, with a logo just a symbol of that perception. In this session, Susan explains what branding really is, why it is important – and how any company, regardless of size, can and should use branding to effectively boost marketing.
  • Website Rules of Attraction: Secrets to Keep Them Coming Back - A good Web site can leverage marketing and sales success head and shoulders above the competition. It’s a way to powerfully showcase products/services to both existing and potential customers and facilitate ongoing two-way communication with the most important target group. Through “before and after” web revamp images, practical tips and how-to’s, Susan illustrates how to maintain the value of that significant up-front investment.

  • Web Success Drivers - We hear a lot these days about tips, tricks and tactics to increase traffic to Web sites through search engines – but no matter what strategies are used, they will be successful only if the content of a site works for both its visitors and the search engine marketing approaches used. Susan provides practical advice and how-to’s to help determine the right balance between compelling content and search engine appeal.
  • Expanding Globally: Where to Begin - Exporting can seem daunting to first-timers. In this session, Susan shares valuable and practical tips and outlines the many resources available to potential exporters and how to tap into them.

  • From First Dance to the Global Stage: Building Strategic Partnerships across Borders – In this practical session, Susan outlines the benefits of being part of an international network, shares the most effective networking techniques for building relationships and demonstrates how to take that networking a step further to establish strategic alliances with others, domestically or beyond borders, to boost business.
  • What if Emily Post was Japanese? How to Become Culturally Savvy - Doing business internationally requires a sensitivity to cultural differences that can have a tremendous impact on success. Even though the differences between some cultures may seem small, it is important to recognize the subtle differences that can enhance or thwart the development of business relationships. In this session, Susan will outline the cultural differences in seemingly similar English-speaking countries and those that do business in English and share strategies on forming successful partnerships.
Women’s Entrepreneurship Topics:
  • The Best Kept Secrets for Women Entrepreneurs - Women's entrepreneurship has tripled over the last 20 years. 47% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's) in Canada have at least one female owner; women hold majority ownership in 18%, and future indications show higher and higher numbers still. Whether women are planning to start their own businesses or are already established and want to grow, there’s a host of free resources and support geared specifically to help women business owners, one of the fastest growing segments of the Canadian economy. Through inspiring case histories of dynamic and successful women entrepreneurs, Susan highlights these resources in this presentation for women entrepreneur audiences.
  • Global Markets: Good Enough for Men but Made for Women - Hear the motivations, strategies and inspirations of Canadian women entrepreneurs who’ve taken the leap onto the international stage. Susan has interviewed hundreds of women business owners and, in this presentation, reveals the 10 keys to success for expanding globally. Susan also recommends some unique resources for women entrepreneurs, developed in Canada, but with tips and strategies that transcend borders.
  • Behind Every Successful Business Owner Stands a Mentor – Women have discovered that mentoring brings great and unexpected rewards – for both mentors and their protégées. Through case histories, Susan discusses the how’s and why’s of mentoring, the many different types of mentoring programs and methods, the benefits women have reaped, and how to get involved in mentoring programs. She also provides practical how to’s and tips on creating a mutually-beneficial mentoring relationship.

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“I did not know how talented a speaker you were until I heard your presentation on networking and strategic alliances in Monterrey, Mexico. You have a very personable style and connect well with the audience, as if you are talking to each person individually…and the tips you shared were very pragmatic and helpful.”
- Jacqueline Adamson, Regional Vice President, Roanoke Trade Services Inc., Charleston, South Carolina

“I enjoyed your insightful presentation – packed with information for the students and myself, too!”
- Joyce Hansen, Class Act Connections, Mississauga, Ontario

“Your skill in both presenting and knowing the marketing field is exemplary. The group was extremely appreciative of the knowledge and tips you shared with them. I believe the “martini moment” exercise is one they will remember as it is often the most difficult to get that 20-second pitch to sound unrehearsed but compelling.”
- Tillie MacDonald, Centre for Business and Economic Development, Collingwood, Ontario 

“Thanks on behalf of the Business Information Centre for coming to speak at the Toronto Reference Library. Your program on resources for women entrepreneurs was excellent. I know that I learned a lot from your presentation, as I am sure the rest of the audience did as well.  Thank you for your contribution in making this year’s Small Business series the best yet.”
- Teresa Stangl-Walker, Marketing and Outreach Librarian, Toronto Reference Library, Toronto, Ontario

“On behalf of the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT)-Alberta and the 2003 OWIT Conference Organizing Committee, I would like to personally thank you for your recent participation as a seminar host for the Virtual Trade Mission session. Your involvement helped make this the most successful OWIT conference to date.”
- Leann Hackman-Carty, Past President, Organization of Women in International Trade -Alberta

“Thank you for your contribution and participation at the special salute to Canadian businesswomen’s awards luncheon that was held here in Washington, D.C. as part of the ‘Leadership into the Next Millennium’ conference, on October 14, 1998. The Canadian Embassy applauds your success. Your inspiration and leadership forges an easier path for fellow Canadian businesswomen who will follow. The Embassy looks forward to continuing to work with you in the future.”
- Astrid Pregel, Former Minister Counsellor (Commercial), Canadian Embassy, Washington, D.C.

“The panel on Regional Updates I found quite useful and informative, with Susan Baka and Mary Anderson giving one the feel that Canada is the place that everyone needs to do business with. I believe they are wonderful ambassadors for their country.”
- Gecille Kouassi, Past President, Organization of Women in International Trade -  Johannesburg, South Africa

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